My Superhero, Code Name: Rocky, For Pete's Sake

Attack of the 50 ft Reunion Show!

My Superhero

Code Name: Rocky

For Pete's Sake

Save The Swim Team, The Skank Agents, The Owl In Daylight

Sat, June 30, 2012

6:00 pm

The Glass House

Pomona, CA


My Superhero
My Superhero
My Superhero is an American Ska Band hailing from Anaheim California, once a part of the thriving late 90's 3rd wave Ska scene. The Tunesmiths of Superhero were landmark leaders of the Orange County Ska Scene not only playing hundreds of shows, however, also promoting shows drawing thousands and showcasing early artists of the day including Save Ferris, Action League, and, RX Bandits. MSH played hundreds of shows between 1994 and 2002. They toured the country with bands like The Aquabats, Reel Big Fish, and Cherry Poppin' Daddies and were part of the line up for the Warped Tour in 1999. The band released Four CD’s in its tenure including SKAteboard Music (1995), Solid State 14 (1997), which sold over 10,000 copies and acquired some love from so-cal radio. That same year, My Superhero signed a deal with indie label Risk Records and released their 3rd album- Station 1 in 1999 with producer Thom Wilson (the Offspring, Dead Kennedys, and Social Distortion). After that whirlwind of the rock and roll life- My Superhero reinvented itself and lost a few original members. They recorded their final album in 2002 titled "Send Gas" Only 1000 cds were actually pressed.
July,2011, A long time friend and world famous SKA DJ- Tazy Phillips (creator of the Ska Parade - a radio show on KUCI where My Superhero held the record for most live on-air performances) recently contacted the guys and asked if they would ever be willing to reunite for a show. A few phone calls later, it was finalized- original members Brian Gilmore, Mike Berault, Huey Huynh, and Dan Park agreed!
Code Name: Rocky
Code Name: Rocky
From the ashes of several notable bands of that era, such as Low Pressure,
Channel 6, and Grovers, OC punk-ska heroes, Codename: Rocky first
began in a garage in Pico Rivera as a side project for Daniel Torres, singer
and guitarist, and Ivan Ibarra, saxophone. With the addition of Matt
Fitzgerald, bass player and former band mate of Daniel’s; Rich Iwason,
trumpet, Bill Adams, trumpet; and their first drummer Scott, they began to
play shows around the area. And it wasn’t long before kids started to take
notice of their high-energy punk-inspired performances.

Shortly before they recorded their debut album No Time to Waste,
Codename: Rocky completed their line-up with Drew Baker, drums, and
Mikey Hamada, bass trombone. With the release of that record, the band
found themselves constantly playing countless clubs, touring with some of
the best bands in the scene, shot a music video for their hit song “My Boss
Sucks” and even performed a song on the Game Show Network’s “The
Gong Show”.

In early 2001, Codename: Rocky released Infinity, the much-anticipated
follow up EP to their popular debut, on Glue Factory Records. Codename:
Rocky continued to tour and support the record until they parted ways in

Flash Forward to the Orange County Ska scene. 2012:

A little less than nine years later, inspired by a reunion show with their
friends, Codename: Rocky has picked up exactly where they left off and
are back in full force, releasing their first new song since their demise. And
while they will be playing all the shows they can in the meantime, the
band is working tirelessly on material for a new album, which they plan to
record by the end of 2013.

Keep your eyes and ears open. It’s time for something new after all those
For Pete's Sake
Chris Colonnier From Jeffries Fan Club and Karen Roberts formally of Chase Long Beach will be performing as special guests with For Pete's Sake!
The Owl In Daylight
Fleeting are the days of East Bay, CA and Chicago punk of the 90’s that blended high-energy rhythms and memorable, sing-a-long vocal hooks.
But The Owl in Daylight, an Orange County based four-piece, is that nostalgic breath of fresh air in a stale Southern California punk scene, creating a sonic environment that possesses the same feel and intensity, working at a cellular level: infectious and staying with you long after the last song's stopped ringing in your ears.
The Owl in Daylight first formed in late-2008 in the confines of claustrophobic apartments and dingy garages by Drew Baker (formerly of Codename: Rocky & Red Letter M) and Bryan Lee (formerly of Badfish & The Appearance). Having discussed for years a project that allowed the two to write music together and give Baker the opportunity to not only move from behind the drum kit to lead vocals and guitar, but also incorporate his poetry background in meaningful lyrics, they began the process of writing powerful and ear-catching songs,
After amassing a sizeable catalogue between them, they sought to record demos of the songs with their longtime friend, Matt Fitzgerald (also formerly of Codename: Rocky, Red Letter M, & Low Pressure), engineering the sessions.
Shortly after completing a slew of demos, Fitzgerald was asked to officially join the band as The Owl in Daylight’s bassist. And with the addition of his intricate low end lines, the band was almost whole and began to put the word out in search of a drummer.
After a year of playing with their first drummer, who later departed to pursue his passion of electronic music production, The Owl in Daylight completed their line- up with Jason McGuy on the drums. Instantly, his attention to detail while recreating and refining Baker’s existing drum parts astounded the trio. The Owl in Daylight knew they had found the last piece of their punk rock puzzle.
Currently, The Owl in Daylight is working feverishly on pre-production of their first EP, Trial By Fire. And in the meantime, beginning their take over of the Southern California music scene with their live performance, in which, it won’t be hard to tell exactly how much fun they are having.

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Venue Information:
The Glass House
200 W. Second St
Pomona, CA, 91766