Billy Changer

Cielo Agency & Santoros Present: La Batalla Festival

Billy Changer

Santoros, Colleen Green, So Many Wizards, Adult Books

Sat, May 6, 2017

Doors: 3:00 pm / Show: 3:30 pm

The Glass House

Pomona, CA

$20.00 - $30.00

This event is all ages

Billy Changer
Billy Changer is the bassist of the very formidable Corners, as well as an Echo Park engineer and now the very solo artist behind a just-out self-titled LP on Lolipop that's part experiment, part self-expression and part shot in the dark—or maybe it's more a flare fired into the sky in hopes of help or at least shining light on things for a second. It's lo-fi in a careful way and it's a home recording that doesn't sound like it ever had a home, and Changer played every part of it himself. The album art and that photo right there both transmit the mood in a moment: the human alone on the streets of the city they live in, looking back at you while you look back at them. Changer's album is introspective and reflective in a way that perfectly serves the closeness of a recording like this—when it's done playing, you might feel like someone just left the room. – Chris Ziegler (LA Record)
Colleen Green
Colleen Green
Colleen Green and I both lived in Boston, Massachusetts during the early part of this century. My Brain Hurts and Milo Goes to College were listened to. Alcohol was consumed outdoors. Colleen fronted a pop-punk band whose drummer suffered from what must have been a form of narcolepsy. Eventually, she left town for points west. Not long afterward, I heard she'd released a homemade tape called Milo Goes to Compton. She sent me a copy, and I was floored: Her Ramones-driven songwriting hadn't lost a step, but in the process of going solo she'd whittled away most of the the genre trappings. What remained was sparse electric guitar, a tinny drum machine, and Green's gorgeous voice, which sounded more confident than ever. The tape sounded like it had been made in haste; intimate in a way that pop-punk typically is not, and it came with a funny comic about smoking pot. She had retained the self-awareness and disdain for frills bestowed on all New England natives, but it had been tempered some by California's dreamy slacker romanticism. It had turned into something new.

Upon arriving at a Brooklyn loft show in 2010, Green arrived armed with her tapes and CD-Rs of what would come to be her first Hardly Art release, 4 Loko 2 Kayla. Fast forward a couple of years and another perfect EP (2011's CUJO), and Green is ready to release Sock it to Me, her debut LP for Hardly Art. What used to sound sparse out of necessity has been honed into an intentional, Young Marble Giants kind of austerity focused on giving her voice the room it demands. The constant presence of time-tested four-chord progressions and Green's faithful drum machine keep Sock it to Me grounded in pure pop, but her breathy, emotive vocals have taken an enormous leap forward, evoking all-time heroes such as Rose Melberg and Tina Weymouth. "Time In the World," especially, recalls the way Weymouth's Tom Tom Club combined straightforward, relatable lyrics about the experience of really liking someone with earworm bass lines that end up being the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning.

Green has been known to perform a cover of The Descendents' "Good Good Things" so slow and intense that it's almost uncomfortable. Being so aloof and laid-back that it exposes the personal, honest sweetness in a song like that is Colleen's M.O. in a nutshell. Colleen Green encapsulates the best parts of the Northeast and the West Coast. Colleen Green always wears sunglasses onstage. Colleen Green is long hair and getting high. I listened once. I will listen forever. Sock it to me.

-Joe Bernardi
So Many Wizards
So Many Wizards
With a sound that Aquarium Drunkard describes as an “enigmatic blend of pop, rock, ballads, and zany nuggets," the hardworking dream pop group, So Many Wizards, have been consistently playing high-spirited and powerful live shows across Los Angeles and greater Southern California. Started originally by lead singer/guitarist Nima Kazerouni in Long Beach, California, the current lineup includes Erik Felix on drums, Bassist Devin Ratliff, and Martin Tomemitsu on lead guitar. Their single “Inner City” earned airplay on BBC 1 leading to a UK tour as well as touring the US, and last year supporting No Age at the first annual KXLU Fest in Los Angeles. They have unquestionably become a staple of LA’s DIY music scene as all of their local shows are brimming with sweaty young fans crowd surfing and dancing along to every jangly dream punk song. Along with packing venues with their high-energy shows, So Many Wizards have released a handful of EPs, a debut album, two 7”s, and recently had their single “Lose Your Mind” featured on FOX’s New Girl. They just released their Part Time Punks session EP via Lolipop Records and a split 7” via Converse Rubber Tracks and Amoeba Music. Their sophomore full-length album, Heavy Vision is slated to be released in September 2016.
Adult Books
Hailing from the stucco-swathed suburbs of Orange County, California, Adult Books is a product of the region's rich punk rock tradition. Friends and musical collaborators since high school, the band formed out of Southern California's fertile DIY house show scene. Their self-titled 2012 debut EP (Lolipop Records, Burger Records) turned heads with its infectious melodies and sharp-tongued lyrical wit. It has since gone on to become Lolipop's best-selling and most-pressed cassette. Subsequent releases from hardcore-leaning Vitriol Records and UK-based anorak pop imprint Box Bedroom Rebels speak to the band's diverse set of influences and universal songwriting appeal.

Now based in Los Angeles, Adult Books operates in a liminal zone informed by both small-town ennui and urban isolation. Their first full-length LP, Running From The Blows (out March 4 on Lolipop Records) is a decidedly darker effort, although the band's knack for memorable hooks remains stronger than ever. The album's driving post-punk sound draws on the melancholy melodies of New Order, the shimmering guitar work of The Smiths and the nervy urgency of The Wipers. Alternating between sardonic and sincere, the tightly crafted lyrics strive for an emotional honesty even at their most ambiguous.

After a string of successful support slots for acts including FIDLAR, The Garden, Nu Sensae and Tijuana Panthers, as well as legends like OFF!, The Vibrators and Mike Watt, Adult Books has earned its spot as a standout in the LA music scene. A busy touring schedule for 2016 and a tireless work ethic based on musical perfection and progression are sure to solidify the band's continued success on a national and international stage.

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Venue Information:
The Glass House
200 W. Second St
Pomona, CA, 91766