Stacy Barthe, Audio Push, Kraizay, Jean-Luc King Brown

Fri, December 21, 2012

7:00 pm

The Glass House

Pomona, CA


Hit-boy is a monster music producer and rapper currently party of Surf Club and signed to Good Music through Interscope Records and has his own label Hits Since '87.
Raised in southern California Hit-Boy, has made a name for himself over the last several years, producing hits for a big list of heavyeweights, including Rihanna, Dj Khaled, Eminem, Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, and Lil Wayne. His most recent mega smash hit was Jay-Z and Kanye's Watch The Throne single, "N****s In Paris."
Transitioning from producer to rapper, Hitboy just released his debut project, HITstory, which hit the Internet for free this week on 8/7/2012.Hit story has guest appearances from Big Sean, John Legend, Kid Cudi, and Bun B, Stacy Barthe among others.
"I'm just excited to finally put out material of my own," Hit-Boy said of the project, according to Rap-Up.com. "I've put my heart into building hit records for other artists and now, I feel it is time for me to prove myself as a recording artist too."
HITstory is available for free download over at Datpiff.com.
Stacy Barthe
Stacy Barthe
With this new generation of pop and fast paced beats, out emerges a new breed of the young soul. Stacy Barthe is this new fresh artist, writing from her soul and with care; she exudes calmness and peace. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Long Island and of Haitian decent, Barthe grew up with the inspiration of Sade, Bob Marley, Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill and The Fugees; which created a deep and serene portrayal of her life through her writing and singing.
Barthe was born to write, born to tell a story through tangible emotions. Signing a publishing deal to Universal Music Publishing Group by Ethopia Habtermariam in 2007 would spark the introduction to Barthe's career. Soon after Barthe would land her first placement "Blur" on Britney Spears Circus album. Barthe has worked with Akon, Melanie Fiona, Estelle, Brandy, and Diddy. Penning album tracks for Katy Perry "Hummingbird Heartbeat", Rhianna "Cheers", and Kelly Rowland "Everywhere You Go", would open up the world's listening ear to Barthe's rich and resonant writing. Working with producers Hit-Boy, Cool and Dre, The Runners, Jerry Wonder, Danja, Tricky Stewart and many more caused a curiosity to hear more from this uniquely crafted artist.
In December 2010, Barthe made the decision to answer the calling she felt within by creating a personal work of art, "Sincerely Yours, Stacy Barthe". Barthe carefully selected tracks, sat down and wrote her first EP with conviction and sincerity. Using this album as a release from her own brokenness, Barthe wrote this album as if she were in a therapy session, sharing her inner most thoughts and life experience to hopefully help free others just as she has in creating "Sincerely Yours, Stacy Barthe". "I released this work for free because this was a time in my life that I am setting free." Says, Barthe, "So, why not give it away for Free? It was not only a musical release, it was a personal release." "Sincerely Yours, Stacey Barthe" is an album that is timeless. "Been Blasting "Sincerely Yours, Stacey Barthe" ALL DAY from the House to the CAR" says Diddy. Barthe's first EP has filled a void that the music lover has been missing.
Being completely transparent makes Barthe an artist and songwriter that many can relate to. Creating real-life music, in real-time for real-people is what draws Barthe's fans to her. You can't help but to become a fan of her serene music, infectious smile and bubbly personality. Barthe can easily be described as fresh, mellifluous and euphonic; her music well defines her. Sip a glass of wine, let your soul free and heal music. "You can find hurt and pain in my music while finding the light. It represents empowerment… I speak from a very truthful and sincere place…with love" – Stacy Barthe
Audio Push
Audio Push
Audio Push emcees Oktane and Price Tag might be young guns in the rap game, but they are approaching their careers with the swagger of elder statesmen. The rappers from the Inland Empire section of Southern California are forerunners of the fast rising "jerk" movement, boasting the sub-genre's first tribute record, "Teach Me How To Jerk.

Their skilled energetic jerk style bares similarities to '80s Ska mixed with rapid skipping, squatting and popping movements. But the former crump battle dancers can also spit. They write their own rhymes and posses impressive confident conversational flows.

Produced by Kadis and Sean of Roz Music Entertainment, "Teach Me How To Jerk" vibrates with hypnotic energy. It was the buzz they received throughout the I.E. and MySpace that secured them show dates, including a set at the highly regarded Texas Summer Music Conference. They caught the attention of Roz Entertainment, struck a production deal and started working on more songs, including a remix to their already popular "Teach Me How To Jerk."

While "Teach Me How To Jerk" will serve as their introduction to many, Audio Push is multi-dimensional. Other songs on their self-titled debut range from the hip-hop ballads like the fly Auto-Tune styled "Aviator" and bouncy "Chose You"; retro flavored braggadocio "Mike Jackson Bad," rock fueled "Audio Kiss," and the piano driven, uplifting message song "Run Away."

It's been a good minute since a new group broke out West without being associated with an already established superstar name. But Audio Push is that good. They don't need the co-sign. Their hype, energy and talent is enough to blaze a trail. It's already in motion.
Jean-Luc King Brown

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